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Kosmos is a coworking space in the heart of Berlin.
It accommodates 80 residents and has four conference rooms. Convenient location and good infrastructure makes Kosmos a perfect place for young businesses who want to be in the centre of events.
office Features
Why choose Kosmos?
Good location

The coworking is located in the very centre of the city, so going from one meeting to another won't be a long commute.
Great value

It's cheaper than rent an office. In fact, our monthly rate is even lower than that of other shared spaces.

For many, shared space has created an opportunity to find new clients, employees, and business partners.

The chill-out zone with a library is here for you to relax and refocus if you'd get caught up in business.
Laboratories/Fields of study
Let your business thrive and make connections for the future
Me and my friends decided to start our own app development business. In Kosmos, we found focused atmosphere, nice spaces, and most importantly, people who really helped us to get through the crucial first months.
Raymond Moss
Bachelor's programs
Biology (4 years):
Биоэкология, Физиология, Генетика, Биохимия, Микробиология, Биоинженерия и биоинформатика, Биология клетки

Chemistry (4 years):
Неорганическая химия и химия координационных соединений, Аналитическая химия, Органическая и биоорганическая химия, Физическая химия, Химия твердого тела и химия материалов, Химия окружающей среды, химическая экспертиза и экологическая безопасность

Fundamental and applied chemistry (5 years):
Неорганическая химия, Аналитическая химия, Органическая химия, Физическая химия, Биоорганическая химия, Кинетика и катализ, Химия твердого тела, Химия окружающей среды, химическая экспертиза и экологическая безопасность
Magister's programs
Biology (2 years):
Bionanotechnology, Evolutionary ecology and biopsychology
Chemistry (2 years):
PhD programs
Chemical sciences (4 years):
Physical chemistry, Kinetics and catalysis
Biological sciences (4 years):
Molecular biology, Genetics