december 08
2016 year
Scientists in Akademgorodok produce unique composite materials for fuel combustion
Specialists of the Novosibirsk State University and the institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences create a ceramic-metal composite matrix based on aluminum powder, its oxide, and alloys. These materials have been successfully tested and they have unique characteristics, such as high thermal conductivity. They are used for structured catalysts and transformation processes of combustion fuels. One of the latest publications of Siberian scientists is devoted to the synthesis and properties of materials based on an alloy of cobalt and aluminum.
The joint work of the Novosibirsk State University and specialists of the Institute of Catalysis (IC) of the SB RAS in the field of materials for ceramic (cermet) composite matrices Ceramic matrix composites prepared from CoAl powders was published in the December issue in a Journal of Materials Science.
The method, developed in conjunction with specialists from the Institute of Chemistry of Solid State and Mechanochemistry allows cermets impart unique properties - high strength and thermal conductivity, which are provided by the metal matrix combined with high porosity and large surface area due to the introduction of aluminum hydroxide AlOOH in the initial mixture. Another feature of the cermet block structures - micro-channels, which are created due to the space in the form of easily burnable items, such as fabric and thin wooden rods.
The study results have showed that the properties of the alloy, developed on the basis of the cermets (strength, thermal conductivity and specific surface), make these materials really promising for practical application.