June 08
Siberian scientists will construct two research facilities for plasma studies
Specialists from the Institute of Nuclear Physics (INP) SB RAS will construct two research facilities to study the mechanisms of plasma confinement that will be used when the prototype fusion reactor will be created in the institute.
Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics is working on the creation of two units for plasma research - GOL-NB and «Resin». The process of designing facilities and manufacturing some details has already begun. Such research equipment is unique.

— We have made a kind of "road map" of the movement to the thermonuclear reactor. In this map, there are several steps, the first of them - a check of some theoretical ideas that are the basis of a thermonuclear reactor. We plan to build these facilities in order to do it. Installing GOL-NB - is the next step of the different types of traps to confine the plasma gas-dynamic trap. The idea is to combine the best aspects of them - said the deputy director of BINP for Science, Professor of NSU, Alexander Burdakov.

The second unit is designed to test another theory, the principle of sound plasma confinement.

— It assumes the existence of two fields - electric and magnetic screw. Screw one reminds a meat grinder - if a meat grinder twists , it pushes what was put in it. Same here - inside a spiral trap curls plasma, then it acquires necessary speed, which improves its retention - Burdakov said, adding, that so far, this theory has not been verified.

The launch of new units, the construction of which will cost tens of millions of rubles, is planned in 2017. Subsequently, the data obtained in the experiments with plasma on them, will be used to create a prototype fusion reactor INP.