August 12
The post-graduate student of Novosibirsk State University has developed a new method for generating bispecific therapeutic antibodies
Victor Prince, a postgraduate student at Novosibirsk State University, has developed a new method for generating bispecific therapeutic immunoglobulins based on a process that occurs in the human body. The method will create therapeutic drugs with bispecific antibodies against different diseases.
— Initially, we were not faced with the task of setting up a new method for generating antibodies, but there was a fact that there were bispecific antibodies in the milk of a woman and, therefore, the task was to establish how they are being formed in it. This problem was successfully solved, however, during our research, we have been studying the scientific literature. Later on, we have found that the production of bispecific antibodies is the most important biotechnological task. That is why it was decided to create a technology, which will create and produce therapeutic bispecific antibodies, told the author of the method to press service.
Bispecific antibodies are one of the most useful tools for treating the various tumor and autoimmune diseases that a man has created. And in some cases, bispecific antibodies are the only way of getting treatment. For example, in the winter of this year, a group of researchers using bispecific invitro antibodies have selectively killed cells that are infected with HIV. Therefore, in the future, bispecific antibodies can become the only means by which this incurable and deadly disease can be conquered.