July 01
Geologists of the Novosibirsk State University are studying the Tillites in the Irkutsk Region
The geologists of the NSU together with the Australian scientist Gideon Rosenbaum spent a month during an expedition in the Irkutsk region.
Month, from June 7 to July 6, an international geological expedition has worked in the interfluve of Uda and Biryusa. The attention of geologists was attracted by the Tillites - the rocks that testify the ancient glaciations on the territory of Eastern Siberia. This is not the first expedition, which studies these sedimentary formations in the Sayan spurs. Five years ago a large international group of geologists worked there, including three dozen scientists from Novosibirsk, China, Australia, the USA, Germany, and Brazil.
For the whole month, geological scientists carried out complex of structural and lithologic-stratigraphic studies in the interfluve of Uda and Biryusa. During this time, the expedition managed to do a great job and collect data that will become the basis for further geological research. Geologists have gone through several difficult routes to inaccessible places, have conducted studies on outcrops of rocks, have collected a rich collection of samples and rock samples to determine their absolute age, and have carried out many measurements for further structural designs.
The collected data will form the basis for further scientific work and will form the basis of fundamental research that will allow us to clarify the sequence of geological processes responsible for the formation of the geological structure of the region.