August 10
Students of the Novosibirsk State University are working at the polar station
This year's polar research station on the island of Samoylovsky for the first time took NSU students to undergo summer internship.
Samoylovsky island is located in the Delta of the Lena river. The station on the island has been used by scientists to conduct research works, relevant to the Arctic region for many years. As the head of the Department of Geophysics of the GGF NSU, the director of INGG SB RAS, academician Mikhail Epov noted during the press conference, now the work is being done on the annual inclusion of NSU students in research expeditions program on the Samoylovsky island. Engaging students-interns work is crucial.
— The weather conditions at the station are very severe, in many respects, it can be compared to the Antarctic station. The season is short, and winter comes already in September, and then goes the polar night. By this time only staff stays at the station. In that short time that the field season lasts, a lot of researchers gather at the station. Students who want to specialize in Arctic research should know, where exactly they are going, they need to have the proper experience. The experience of real work in the Arctic is vital. I'm sure that such students will become best specialists on the Arctic theme, and Novosibirsk State University will gradually become a supplier of this personnel, says academician Mikhail Epov.
The scientist named three criteria that students need to work in the Arctic. Among them, good health, high level of professional training and scientific interest.