May 15
The summarizing of the contest of the Ideas for the Natural science museum of NSU
The contest of the Ideas for the exhibits and the installations of the developing Natural science museum of NSU had been finished in April 2017. The main requirements to the presentations of participants were interactivity and interdisciplinary, namely close interaction of the physics, chemistry and biology. Lectors, researchers, students and even schoolchildren participated in the contest.
All the presentations received by Organizing committee attracted the attention. The most original presentations are:

"Ferromagnetic fluid" by Maksim Shamsurin (Natural Science Faculty, NSU) and

"Structure of the eye and eye optic scheme" by the team of schoolchildren (School # 17, Novosibirsk) (Presentation was included into the conception of the future Natural science museum).

The main contribution was made by the teachers of the "Entertaining science for schoolchildren" (#Chem4children) (Ilya Rozin,
Nikolay Philippov, Andrey Matveev, Anna Nartova).

Alecsey Okunev (the pro-rector of NSU and the head of the high school of informatics of NSU) held the awards ceremony taking place on May, 10 in NSU.